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About Patrick Dique


       Born in Canada, raised in the Okanagan Valley in the interior of B.C., Patrick was exposed to the natural beauty that the province is so well known for. Growing up picking fruit in the orchards, stargazing and often exploring the wilderness inspired endless creativity. The timeless landscapes and sunsets gave a desire to express colour in ways seen within the world around him. Aspirations within the Culinary Industry, as well as being a passionate musician soon brought Patrick to the West Coast, exploring what it has to offer. First living on the Gulf Islands, the beauty of the area pushed him into more freeform abstracts, a shift from a much more architectural style of artwork. He began experimenting with new painting techniques and unorthodox methods of forming textures and colour pallets. This change in artistic style created a new series of paintings that he has been working on since 2009. Patrick moved to Victoria B.C. in the summer of 2010 looking to expose his artwork to a larger general public, and has been successful in creating a relationship with his audience over a short period of time. The Vald series has been effective in that the personal interpretation of each viewer reflects the artwork’s inspiration.

     “My work considers the viewer’s imagination
to bring a unique set of perspectives forward.
Through a specific textural layering of paint I am
able to create a microcosm of imagery inside each
painting. The purpose is to remind the audience of the operational and mechanical similarities of atoms and molecules with our solar system and universe.”

                             Thank You

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